10 Reasons Why Capture One Should Be Your First Choice

Capture One photo editing software is made particularly for professionals. It’s extremely customizable, has a much more advanced photo editing ability, and powerful tethering controls. The software is simply faster than any other image editing software such as Lightroom or Photoshop and is also made to handle higher-performance tasks.

If you’re wishing to build a real deal dedicated high volume photo studio, then trust me, Capture One Pro is for you.

Not agreed with me? Well, I’ve shared 10 reasons with you in this article for why Capture One editing software should be your go-to choice like many professionals. So, let’s dive right into it.10 Reasons to Add Capture One Pro In Your Editing Workflow 1. You can customize your workspace

It’s amazing how Capture One enables you to customize your own workspace. This underrated but powerful feature can easily become your ‘one of the favorite’ part during photo editing.

Every tool in Capture One photo editing software is a “Floating Tool” and can be placed anywhere on the workspace where you find it the handiest. This custom-built interface can help you quickly find the tools you need that cut down your editing time each day every second count!

You can arrange different workspace for different photo editing projects. For example, you can keep different interfaces for weddings, portraits corporate, etc2. With Tethered Capture, capture images directly onto your PC

When we capture images, especially portraits, it can be difficult to pin out the details when looking at the small LCD/LED of your camera.

Forget the time where you have to wait till the end of the shoot to see how your images are going to look on a full screen of your computer. When tethering with Capture One editing software, you can see your images instantly on the large screen of your PC – Live.

Another great advantage of using tethered capture is that you can back up your work immediately, so you don’t risk losing your files. Being a professional photographer, it’s crucial to save every tick of time to work efficiently with thousands of images from each photoshoot.

This feature also allows you to apply the first color grading to the image, so you can share your vision for the shoot with your client to give them a clear idea.3. Take complete control over colors

With impressive color editing tools, Capture One Pro gives you total creative control over the colors in your image.

The color editing features enable you to adjust the saturation, hue, luminance of any color individually of any color in the image. You can even control the shadows, mid-tones, highlights of any color independently of one another. This means that you can change the hue and saturation of a part of the brown hairs of your model in sunlight without affecting the brown hairs in the shade.

Capture One photo editing software also has a tool particularly for skin tones. You can simply take a sample of your subject’s skin tone, and then use a set of sliders to make the hue, luminance, and saturation more even and consistent. This can save you from going through the tiring, time-consuming, and complex process of skin retouching.4. Alter parts of an image with Masks and Layers

This is a life-changing, game-changing feature of Capture One Pro. you can use Masks to select a particular area of your photo to edit, without affecting the rest of the parts.

For example, you can edit the sky in an image without affecting the people standing on the open ground.

You can use layers to control the impact of various edits by adjusting the opacity.5. You can choose between Catalogs or Sessions

Sessions in Capture One are a directory-based file manager. This means you can create one Session per assignment.

Catalogs are database-driven, hence each catalog is organized around a theme. This means you can create a catalog based on products or portrait shots.

Capture One photo editing software allows you to manage your files using either one. You can choose the option that best compliments your workflow.6. Shortcut keys that literally saves time and efforts

As I said before, being a professional photographer, every second is precious. So, if you can save even 2 seconds spent on editing an image with the help of the shortcut keys, you’ve just saved more than 16 minutes while editing 500 images (I know, there’ll be more than 500 images and you’ll be saving more than 2 seconds per image). This means you can save hours per day.outsource photo editing