About the Medical Clinics and It’s types

The clinic is a place where the patients take the medicine that is preferred by the physician. Basically, these clinics available around the hospitals. These clinics have a license of medicine’s selling. These licenses are given by the government, to see the education of  a chemist and a place where the shop will be open. If you want to open a clinic, then firstly you require the degree that must relate to the medicine line after that you require the place.

If you are a patient and go to buy the medicine that is suggested by the doctor, then it’s your responsibility to  check the medicine manufacturing date, expire date, manufacturer name before buy. Chemist is the person who sells the medicine or we can say that this is the person on which clinic license issued. Chemist also has the some responsibility. Such as in New Yorl people generally go to free walk in clinic nyc .

The chemist must help the patient during the giving medicine. He does not sell the expire medicine and also use the new manufacturing. Chemist has the same medicine of many companies, so it is his responsibility that he gives that medicine that is preferred by the doctor. Sometimes chemist gives the medicine to patients of different company when preferred company’s medicine empty. It is wrong, he must not do that. Firstly, he consults the doctor  for this that he must give the medicine of different company or not. If doctors says, then you can give otherwise no. Some medicine must in cool place , so he uses the refrigerator for these medicines and must also make an arrangement that after escaping the power his power will be continue for the refrigerator. Effi Clinic