Armor Ring – Silver and Pewter Full Finger Armor Rings Make Ideal Gifts or Personal Purchase

I am pretty convinced that a lot of people if they were honest with themselves harbour secret yearnings to own a fantastic piece of jewelry that gets the kind of attention reserved for bling on a massive scale. But, being realistic sadly, it is not easily achievable, or is it? I actually think that it is and will tell you why. If you have never seen an armor ring then be prepared to be 1. Blown away 2. Attract loads of curiosity and attention.

Until fairly recently I had neither heard of, nor seen an armor ring and had absolutely no idea or concept of what one might be. Ok, so being of average intelligence I thought that it would be round and worn on the finger. Well, I got the second part right but, as for shape I could not have been more wrong and further from the truth.

The stereotypical image that I had went straight out of the window and once you start to look at them in depth you may understand why they have been favoured (and kept secret too if you ask me) by folk who favour the Gothic style of dress code. With other names such as full finger ring, medieval ring and Gothic ring they ooze an aura of mystery, charm and a quiet, understated charisma.

I have to say I was pretty speechless by what I saw and I am sure that you will be too. So, what is so special about them? I think that it is because they are so different from anything you may have seen or could possibly imagine. They are dramatic and very visually impacting, forget bling who needs it? They just seem to provoke an interest and curiosity on a scale that I have never before experienced with a piece of jewelry.

They are generally made of pewter or sterling silver and in 2 or 3 pieces that cover from the base of the finger to either the second knuckle or just below the fingernail. Being cleverly jointed to move with the flexion and extension of your own finger they are extremely easy to wear and the materials used to make them afford extreme comfort. (Questions aside you hardly realise you have one on).

Some of the previously mentioned names may give you an image or some sort of idea as to what you will see. The styles and designs are really breathtaking and you kind of need to take a proper look to fully appreciate them, each ring is a work of art for sure.

With both intricate and delicately worked pieces or, some that conjure up images of knights of old and appearing symbolic of suits of armor and of dragons and fair maidens the appeal is definitely not set in the masculine or feminine and unisex would seem to be the perfect description. So, forget parting with loads of cash on a finger adornment to catch everyone’s eye try an armor ring and I guarantee some instant attention. beer earrings