Austin Neighborhoods

Being economically developed and a good business center, Austin attracts a number of people. Austin, located in central Texas, is a developed city with a number of neighborhoods. The Austin Neighborhood comprises North Austin, Northeast Austin, Northwest Austin, North Central Austin, Downtown Austin, South Central Austin, South West/West Austin and South Austin, and each of these localities is unique on its own.

Downtown Austin is one of the busiest parts of Austin. During the day, the downtown area witnesses a bout of business. In the evenings, the nightlife begins with music and fun. Downtown Austin Apartments are most sought after because of the popularity of the area and the amount of business that takes place in the area. The rents of downtown Austin apartments ranges from $450 to $770 for an Efficiency/studio kind of an apartment, $550 to $1500 for a 1 bedroom apartment, $690 to $2000 for a 2 bedroom apartment and $1100 to $2200 for a 3 bedroom apartment. These apartments can have various apartment features like air conditioning, a balcony/deck/porch/patio, dishwasher, fireplace, hardwood floors, loft layout, internet, washer/dryer, and a yard. They may also have community features like a clubhouse, business center, doorman, elevator, garage parking, health facilities, laundry on-site, parking, pool, sauna, storage space, vintage building, and wheelchair access. Rents of downtown Austin apartments also vary according to the availability of these facilities.

North Austin, which houses the University of Texas, is the most populated part of Austin. This area hosts a range of shopping areas and suburban neighborhoods. North Austin also comprises Northeast, Northwest and North Central Austin. Northeast Austin is a rapidly expanding suburban area housing several technology-based companies like Dell, Motorola, and Applied Materials. Hence the apartments here are much sought-after by young tech professionals. These apartments are built on modern lines and house several modern facilities and amenities. The prices of apartments in Northeast Austin range from $400 for an efficiency apartment to $1400 for a 3 bedroom apartment. The apartments in Northwest Austin are based on the country-club style and have higher rents. The rents in this area also range from $550 for an efficiency apartment to $1800 for a 3-bedroom apartment. North central is a more affordable area and is generally preferred by students and small families, especially due to the proximity to the University of Texas and the downtown areas. The apartment rents in this area start at $600.

South Austin, comprising of South Austin, South Central Austin and Southwest Austin, is another interesting neighborhood. It also has the largest park in Austin, the Zilker Park, the Zilker Hillside Theatre and several other areas ideal for sporting or hiking. The rents in South Austin range from $500 to $2100, especially in Southwest/west Austin because of the presence of very good apartment communities that offer excellent amenities as well as spectacular views of hilltops and woods. integrative medicine austin