Bilanz – A Biweekly Business Magazine

Bilanz is a German language biweekly business magazine published in Zurich, Switzerland. It was established in 1977 as a successor to Wirtschaftsrevue, a monthly business magazine that was published between 1962 and 1977. The magazine was bought by Axel Springer AG in 2007, and is published at the company’s headquarters in Zurich, Germany.

Founded in 1977 as a successor to Wirtschaftsrevue, Bilanz is a printed business journalism magazine which offers solidly investigated articles about companies and economic events. Its readers are mainly managers, decision-makers and investors.

The magazine is divided into a number of sections, covering topics such as companies, economy, investment and management of financial asset. The magazine has a large readership and is considered to be the most popular economic newspaper in Switzerland.

About Bilanz

The publication focuses on the Swiss economy and the country’s 300 richest people. The magazine also provides news and information about Switzerland’s largest banks, companies and other institutions.

It has been known for its ratings within various industries such as hotels, airlines and private banks. Its international coverage helps it retain a loyal following.

About e-Bilanz

In 2014, Section 5b of the German Income Tax Act (EStG) obliged certain taxpayers to submit their balance sheet and income statement with a profit and loss account in electronic form (e-bilanz). These documents must be sent via an online portal operated by the fiscal authority, called ELSTER.

Mapping of General Ledger accounts to e-bilanz schemes

As part of the e-bilanz reporting process, all general ledger accounts of the taxpayer must be mapped to a special scheme called a taxonomy, which has been developed by the Federal Ministry of Finance. Once all the data has been mapped to the taxonomy, SNI’s solution automatically generates the electronic balance sheet and income statement document in the required format and delivers it to ELSTER directly from SAP.

XBRL for Electronic Billing

The electronic balance sheet must be in the XBRL format, which is an information standard for business reporting based on XML. This is a mandatory requirement and is designed to increase the transparency of companies and enhance their reputation.

In addition, the taxonomy must be compatible with SAP. SNI’s solution is SAP certified and works on SAP’s servers, both on premise and in the cloud.