Bobby Socks Still Rock

They are Still Relevant!

History of Bobby Socks

Though not as long as the Argyle sock history, bobby socks have been a part of trendy fashion history for a long time. To appreciate their worth, it may be a good idea to go down memory lane and retell how these socks came into being.

It was during the American Revolutionary War when silk and nylon were banned from being used in factories. Since stockings were made from these materials, the women during that period had no choice but to look for an alternative to wear. Fortunately, the British government had to extemporize and made short ankle socks from cotton. These foot coverings are now what we call “bobby socks.”

Nobody knows where bobby socks got their name from. One of the theories floating around claims that the name comes from the word “bob,” which means “cut short.” If this theory is correct, the name simply mean “short socks” or “ankle socks.”

In addition to the confusion over the name, there is also no accurate explanation why the upper part of these novelty socks is designed that way. The top of these novelty socks are folded down to showcase the embellishments. These adornments can either be lace trim, an accent bow or ribbon, or pom-poms.

It was during the 40’s and 50’s that bobby socks became a fashion sensation. Teens across the country called themselves “bobby soxers,” and they could be seen flaunting the new fashion craze in dance events called “Sock Hops.” In these events, the dancers would take off their shoes and dance in their socks, mainly to avoid scratching or chipping the freshly polished gymnasium floor with their wild moves.

Bobby Socks Today

Though modern-day bobby socks stayed true to the original form, manufacturers have introduced minor changes. For instance, these short socks were originally all in plain white, but these days, they come in a variety of colors. Also, new quirky designs can be seen at department stores. There are even cute fancy socks for girls that bear the most popular cartoon characters.

As for styling and the manner of wearing these socks, in some countries in Southeast Asia, students wear them as part of their conservative school uniform. On the other hand, fashionistas can be seen wearing these socks with heels, shorts, and a cute top – adding the “WOW: factor to their outfit. mypopsox