Breath of Fire With Reiki

Kundalini yoga is concerned with raising the dormant energy coiled in the root chakra. Like Pranayama, the practice of Kundalini involves control of the breath. Using a variety of breathing techniques and physical postures, your Kundalini energy is awakened to rise up through all your chakras to your crown. The following technique is called “breath of fire” or kapalabhati. This is a powerful breathing technique that raises your energy level and body temperature.

Sit down in the lotus position and meditate with your hands resting on your knees. Forcefully pull in and up on your abdominal muscles, pumping all the stale air from the bottom of your lungs out your nose. Then, relax your muscles and allow your abdomen to expand naturally. Repeat this movement using only the muscles of the diaphragm, pumping the air out of your lungs as quickly as you can. Air is forcefully expelled from your nostrils in short, rapid bursts. When you relax your abdominal muscles, your body automatically pulls in fresh air as if filling a vacuum.

Breath of fire strengthens the abdomen, activates the second and third chakras and greatly increases the oxygen and prana available to your brain. It purifies your entire respiratory system. In the beginning, practice kapalabhati 20 times followed by a long, deep breath. Hold it for several moments and then slowly exhale. Relax with a few normal breaths and then resume breath of fire for 20 more rapid breaths followed by a deep breath and period of rest. Gradually increase your practice up to three minutes. Do not push yourself too hard. If at any time you feel dizzy, feint or exhausted, simply stop the procedure and resume normal breathing.

Rising Kundalini energy destroys the ego, leads to enlightenment and a merging with the universe. It is recommended to study with an experienced Kundalini instructor if are interested in practicing more intensely.

Breath of fire is most suitable in the mornings and afternoons because of its energizing effect. Practice outdoors or in a well ventilated room. Include this technique in your meditation practice, your Reiki self healings or as part of your yoga routine. Practice any time you are feeling heavy in the head or congested in your respiratory system.

A cautionary note: Do not practice breath of fire immediately after eating. You can imagine what might happen to the contents of your stomach. Wait at least one or two hours after eating. Fire Fighting water gun