Buchhaltung – A CLI Tool For Efficient Bookkeeping

A good ol’ fashion bookkeeping system, or a more modernized one, can save you a bundle of time and hassle. Especially in larger companies, it is often necessary to keep track of transactions from several sources across the enterprise.

The best way to do that is by implementing a highly accurate and efficient system. In particular, it should be able to automate the import and deduplication of transactions (from CSV/FinTS/HBCI/OFX), as well as the bayesian account matching required for efficient manual entry of these large files.

Rather than rely on spreadsheets and other manual data entry, the buchhaltung command line tool (CLI) provides a slick and effective system for entering these voluminous files in the right order. This includes the aforementioned automatic import and deduplication as well as Bayesian account matching which is particularly useful for the large number of duplicates.

What makes the buchhaltung CLI tool a little bit special is that it integrates the latest version of GHC, the Haskell compiler. This means that a Haskell developer can now write an efficient and slick system which supports all of the major features and functions available in this great language.

The aforementioned buchhaltung system has no doubt been the top of its class, and it’s likely to outdo the competition for years to come. In addition, the aforementioned CLI tool has no shortage of other features and benefits that you are sure to love.