Button Head Cap Screw

A Button Head Cap Screw has a dome shaped head that is slightly rounded and free from pointed edges for safety and aesthetics. They can be turned with a socket drive and can handle higher torque specifications than cross-recessed or slotted head machine screws. Accu’s Button Socket Cap Screws are available in a range of head shapes, materials and sizes for any application.

Socket Head Cap Screws, also known as Allen head screws or Hex Socket Cap Screws, have a hexagonal drive and are driven by an allen wrench (or socket). They can be tightened and removed with standard tools, unlike other fasteners such as nuts or bolts that require specialized drivers. Hex socket head screws have a wide load bearing surface that resist loosening.

Button head socket caps are often used in high torque applications when a larger clamping face is needed. The recessed socket on the head helps to distribute force more evenly as well.

These fasteners are commonly used in manufacturing, automotive, electronics, and other industrial applications due to their versatility and aesthetics. They are also popular in plumbing and electrical projects because they can be used to create a more attractive finish for fixtures, cabinets, and other items.

Metric & Multistandard carries both metric and inch versions of Button Socket Cap Screws in a variety of head styles, threading, material, and other customization options. Our button socket caps are made from ISO 7380 property class 10.9 and A2 Stainless Steel, however we can custom order in other grades upon request. To learn more about our Button Socket Cap Screws or any other screw type, contact us today! Button Head Cap Screw