Buying a Ferrari For Sale is a Prestigious Choice

Few cars evoke the same emotion as Ferraris. From the roar of their engines to their incomparable responsive handling, Ferraris are precision-made supercars that were designed for racing and built to last. Ferraris are also iconic and exclusive, capturing the imagination of drivers around the world. As such, they are one of the most sought-after brands in the world, and purchasing a used Ferrari for sale is a prestigious choice that will be valued for years to come.

Few marques have as many one offs as Ferrari. From Ferrari 250 GTOs to custom Ferraris built for the Princesse de Rethy, Ferrari one-offs are amongst the most valuable vehicles in the world and can command prices that are beyond the reach of most collectors. JamesEdition brings together some of the best Ferrari one-offs currently for sale for car enthusiasts to get their hands on a piece of automotive history.

Ferrari was founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1929 as the Scuderia Ferrari racing team, before branching out into road cars a few years later to help fund his racing activities. From the very beginning, Ferrari has had a strong racing pedigree and has won 16 constructors titles across its history. That racing know-how is evident in the engineering of all Ferrari vehicles, including pre-owned Ferraris.

Whether you’re looking for a vintage Ferrari from the 1950s or a modern model like a 288 GTB, Kijiji Autos has a variety of used Ferraris for sale across Canada. The site offers a variety of filters to help you narrow down your search, making it easy to find the right Ferrari for you.

For example, you can filter by year, price, engine type, transmission type and more. Then, you can easily browse photos and descriptions to see the car’s condition and more details. For example, this 1967 Ferrari 330 GT manual is listed on the website for a cool $1,199,500. The seller notes that it has been well maintained and is in excellent condition, with a mere 25,991 miles on the clock. The car comes with all restoration receipts, photographs, original owner’s and parts manuals and an OEM jack and tool kit.