Choosing Conservatory Roofs

Whether you are looking to transform an existing conservatory or add one onto your home, the type of roof that is chosen can have a major impact on how the space is used. Your budget, the amount of natural light that is required and how frequently you will be using the room will all play a part in your decision making process. There are four main options to choose from when choosing a new roof for your conservatory – glass, polycarbonate, solid and tiled. This article will give you a brief overview of each option and help you decide which is best for you.

If you are looking to maximise natural light transmission and create a bright space then a glass conservatory roof is the way forward. These roofs are very durable meaning they can withstand harsh weather conditions including heatwaves and heavy snow. They are also easy to maintain and do not deteriorate quickly. However, glass can be prone to condensation and glare which is where having blinds in place can make a difference.

Polycarbonate is a very common choice of material for conservatory roofs as it is lightweight and easy to maintain. This means that it is a great choice for those who want a bright space and do not mind the potential issue of glare from blinds. Like glass, polycarbonate is a durable material and can withstand the elements although it does not offer as much insulation as other roof types.

Solid roofs are a very cost effective option and can be easily installed in your conservatory if you already have a solid structure in place. As a result, they are very popular amongst those who wish to convert their existing conservatory into an all-year round living space. They can be built to be as aesthetically pleasing or as functional as you would like and are suitable for a variety of different roof sizes and shapes. However, the addition of a solid roof can significantly increase the weight of your conservatory which can be a concern for some homeowners. It may also be necessary to reinforce the walls of your conservatory to ensure they can withstand the additional weight and pressure.

Adding a warm roof to your conservatory is the best choice for those who are looking to completely transform their space and use it all year round. These roofs are insulated similar to the roof of your house which means that you will be able to maintain a comfortable temperature all year round. This will save you money on your energy bills and can reduce the strain on your central heating system. conservatory roofs cardiff