Choosing the Right Location for Your Colombia Bachelor Party

Colombia is the perfect destination for a bachelor party. It’s close to the US, it’s a beautiful friendly country and the women are spectacular. The culture is also vibrant and exciting and Colombia has become much safer to travel.

The Cartagena and Medellin areas of Colombia are now the best spots in South America for a bachelor party. It’s easy to find luxury vacation rentals, mansions and incredible clubs in those cities. The beaches and islands are also amazing. Then there’s the nightlife, with a liveliness that rivals Las Vegas.

Colombia is also home to some of the world’s most exotic animals and is a nature lover’s paradise. Its varied geography makes it one of the most interesting countries to visit. Colombia’s beaches, mountains, jungles and city life have something for everyone. The stag parties in Colombia are more relaxed and upscale than in some of the other popular places for bachelor parties. The cost is also significantly less than what you’d expect to pay in other destinations such as Thailand or Vietnam.

What’s more, the Colombian currency is much cheaper than the dollar so you don’t have to have a large budget to have an epic Colombian bachelor party. That’s why it is now the preferred destination for many of the world’s top stag party planners.

Choosing the Right Location

The best cities for bachelor parties in Colombia are Cartagena, Medellin and Bogota. Each of these has a different style but all have great nightlife, fantastic beaches, luxurious villas and estates for parties, clubs that are off the charts and sexy Colombian girls.

Cartagena has a beautiful Caribbean climate all year round and is known for its historic architecture, making it a UNESCO World Heritage site. The streets are lined with Spanish colonial buildings and it’s a city that blends the old with the new. It has a party scene that rivals anything in the Caribbean and a city center that is packed with restaurants, bars and hotels.

You won’t be in Cartagena long before you see a tricked-out bus blasting music and flashing lights. That’s a “chiva” (party bus) which will herd you from bars to plazas to sites and clubs. The chivas cost around $20 a person and are the best way to get around in Cartagena for your bachelor party.

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