Creating Your Own Space As a Cancer Care Giver

Often when you are focused on taking care of a loved one with cancer, you forget about yourself. It’s easy to think of everything your loved one might need or what might make them feel better. It’s just as easy to lose track of yourself. To maintain your own health, you need to focus on yourself, even if it is for just 15 minutes a day.

One way to help you focus on yourself is to create a personal space…just for you. A space that reflects your own personality, needs, and tastes. It can be a corner of a room or a separate room, depending on where you live and what your family’s needs are.

Fill your space with anything that gives you joy and inspiration. It should be appealing to you — inviting, quiet, and comfortable. Don’t be afraid to be resourceful and creative….you can always make changes!

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Music: Listen to your mood and play something to honor where you are. Don’t always fall into the same habits of playing the same type of music. Music has a profound impact on our moods and outlooks….use it to enhance yours.

Make it comfortable: Your personal space offers you a place to read, listen to music, do some stretching or meditation, or just sit quietly and relax. Consider a futon, day bed, or reclining chair so you have the option of how you use a space. Make it really comfortable with lots of pillows and blankets.

Keep it natural: If you can, choose a space that has natural lighting. Being in touch with the world outside, on whatever level, always helps. Bring outdoor life into your space. Plants and flowers are both uplifting and add color.

Scrapbooking: Take some time to dig all those photos out of the drawers and make them into an album. It sounds like a chore, but re-visiting friends, family, and travel is always fun. There are now electronic photo frames that rotate photos in them as well.

Scents: Scented candles, incense, essential oils, and atomizers can play a vital role in enhancing your mood, and even transporting you to a favorite place or cherished memory. Scents are often recommended to enhance a meditation experience as they have calming and soothing properties.

Bulletin Board: You can post anything that makes you feel good…. Photos, cards, keepsakes….anything that makes you think of happy times and sharing them with the special people in your life.

Your personal space is a reflection of your needs during this time. It can, and will change….and that’s part of the fun. Just focus on what motivates you, inspires you, and makes you feel good in that space right now. Montreal home care