Custom Grip Socks

Grip socks, also known as gripper socks, are specialized socks with rubber or silicone attached to the bottom of the sock. They are designed to increase the contact area between the sock and the shoe or boots, helping prevent internal slipping and giving players that second’s fraction edge that could be all the difference between crushing defeat and thrilling victory.

They are usually made from breathable and sweat-wicking materials that can be customized with any color, design, or logo. They’re popular among sports enthusiasts and athletes who are looking to boost their performance and comfort. Many rugby players use them to help reduce internal movement of their feet and enhance stability during games.

How to wash grip socks
The lifespan of gripping socks depends on how often they are washed. They’re generally recommended to be washed inside out, on a warm or cold setting, with a mild detergent or soap. It’s best to hang them up to dry rather than tumble drying them, as this can ruin the integrity of the sock.

Grip socks are worn under the official rugby team socks and can be used no matter which team the player is playing for. They are popular among football, rugby and other team sport players because they can reduce internal slipping, improve boot responsiveness, and help them maintain balance and agility. Future work should explore whether these effects are augmented by different sock material properties or how perceived in-shoe grip and stability may change with grip sock use. custom grip socks