Does Competition Knot Up YOUR Nylons

I have this quote taped right to my desk credenza.

” You’ll never reach your destination if you stop to throw stones at every dog that barks.”

– Sir Winston Churchill

It can happen so easily.

You see, hear, read about your competition and you can almost feel your nylons getting knotted up.

Not too comfortable is it honey?

Sir Winston definitely nailed it on the head.

If you spend all your time being REACTIVE to competition then guess what?

You’re not being proactive. Not innovative. Not staying true to your course. Not being a leader .

Like I said – ” You’re all “NOT-TED” Up!”

Unfortunately when your customer sees you doing this – they think you are more interested in being a copycat than an original. Meow.

Here’s A Little Quiz To See If Your Competitors KNOT You Up:

1. You have that “sinking feeling” when you are at the same networking function.

2. You have a head-ache when you see their booth at a tradeshow.

3. You feel nauseated when you see them in the media.

4. You check out their website obsessively.

5. You are over-sensitive when their name gets mentioned.

6. You bad-mouth them to your customers. (this is really BAD by the way!!)

7. You drop your prices to get their customer’s business.

If the butterflies went off in your stomach for ANY of the above points – then girl – your nylons are knotted up!

And you’re wasting your time, energy and brain power worrying about what you can’t control.

Hey – here’s a thought!

You know something your competition doesn’t have?


You and your customers have a relationship that can’t be copied by a competitor.

It isn’t about dropping your rates. Or choking on your toast when you see your competitor in the paper.

Here’s Some Bossy Sales Diva Advice:

Look for the grain of truth that bugs you.

Are they doing something MUCH BETTER than you? Doing something you may not even have thought of?

Well – don’t copy their idea (that’s just cheesy) – copy the innovative thinking instead.

Instead of getting all knotted up – get FIRED UP and ask yourself ” What could I do to improve my products and services that would make me UNIQUE?”

It’s a tough question that may require pots of coffee while you’re thinking. But it is a heck of much better way to spend your time – thinking about YOUR BUSINESS and YOUR CUSTOMERS. duke energy customer service