DWI Lawyer Maryland

A DWI charge in Maryland entails two different cases, i, e.

i)the administrative driver’s license action and

ii)a court case.

In the first part of the case, you may lose your driving privileges. There may be partial or complete suspension of your driving license. You may lose your driving privileges. Even worse situation would develop if your case is proved to your disadvantage in court. This may entail you to face jail term and also pay financial penalties. There may be certain ‘aggravating’ factors too in your case. These factors, if present, will increase your penalties and punishments.

Some aggravating factors may be accidents that cause partial or total disability, accidents that cause death, having a child in the car and so on. This is the reason why you should hire a specialized DWI lawyer as soon as you are charged for this case. He will be able to guide you about the latest developments in the DWI legal framework and rules.

One another important thing that you should do first if you are charged for DWI in Maryland is apply for a Maryland Motor Vehicle Administrative hearing with in 10 days from the date of arrest. Otherwise, your driving license will be surely suspended. After this vital step, hire an experience DWI lawyer and he will guide you further on the matter.

Even if you decide to accept your offense or present a defense, do hire a DWI lawyer and he or she will be able to tell you what is best suited for your case. car wreck lawyer