Ewarrants Give Law Enforcement a Streamlined Tool to Hold People Who Drive Impaired Accountable

Ewarrants give law enforcement a streamlined tool to ensure people who drive impaired are held accountable. The system allows officers to create warrants from their squad car, and then submit them to a judge for review via a secure video conference link. This eliminates the need to send physical documents to a judge for review and saves law enforcement time and travel expenses.

The eWarrant system also gives the judge a clear view of what the officer has presented to them in terms of probable cause, eliminating any misinterpretation of the information that was provided. The system can provide an affidavit that clearly states the probable cause and is easy for the judge to review on a computer, tablet or phone.

In addition to the eWarrant system, Palatine Technology Group offers a complete suite of court management tools. These include a fully integrated case management system for Probation and Bench warrants, a courtroom kiosk to enable judges to issue warrants in the field, and an Ewarrant application for statewide use that helps with the clerical aspect of warrant management.

FusionStak and the Ewarrant product are managed by a dynamic team of professionals that has a passion for public safety. They were the original founders of the electronic warrant concept back in 2007, and have been dedicated to delivering the best solution on the market ever since. This is evident in the fact that the FusionStak/Ewarrant solution, has received numerous national awards and is a leader within the industry. Ewarrants