Explosion Proof High Performance Butterfly Valves

Industrial butterfly valves are expected to control piping configurations in liquid and gas applications while preventing media leakage to downstream processes or atmosphere around their bodies, connections and other equipment. These valves must be easy to open and close to minimize human errors that can lead to workplace accidents or system breakdowns.

Among the most important factors in determining whether a butterfly valve will work well in your piping is its size and the nature of the fluids it will convey. The force requirements for each type of butterfly valve vary, which affects its actuation system and the size of complementary cylinders such as pneumatic reservoirs, pressure relief valves and connection hoses.

The most common butterfly valves are general service types that can be used with a variety of liquid and gas applications. Their design is simpler than high-performance valves, allowing them to be custom-made to match different piping process applications. Their seats can be sealed using varying types of elastomer, which makes them more adaptable to the needs of your piping operations. However, they are generally less durable than other types of valves and can be prone to high torque, which limits their operating range and upper temperature level.

The explosion proof electric actuators we sell for this valve type are designed with visual and electrical valve position indication and a manual override to simplify maintenance. These actuators also feature weatherproof enclosures to protect against corrosive, toxic and explosive chemicals and gases. They are rated to operate in temperatures up to 400degF and can withstand pressure levels up to 250psi. Explosion Proof High Performance Butterfly Valves