FusionStak Introduces Ewarrants, the Nation’s Top Electronic Warrant Solution

ewarrants is the nation’s top electronic warrant solution, with more than 18,000 officers and Judges using it daily. Its the only system that makes it easy for law enforcement to create and review warrants anywhere, from any internet connected device. ewarrants also streamlines and automates the legal review and approval process. Moreover, it provides an audit trail of all activity in the system.

Our team at FusionStak has a deep passion for police and is led by the founders of the warrant concept back in 2007. We are committed to providing best in class service to our customers through an innovative and agile approach.

We’re making the entry of warrants and protection orders into national databases as easy as possible. ewarrants ensures the thoroughness, accuracy and timeliness of entry into PSP’s Commonwealth Law Enforcement Assistance Network (CLEAN) and the National Crime Information Center (NCIC).

Ewarrants is free to use for all law enforcement agencies and magistrates in Ohio’s 88 counties. It’s also fully integrated with record management vendor systems already in use by many agencies.

The eWarrants system enables an officer to quickly create an arrest warrant or protective order while on-scene with probable cause, reducing the possibility that a suspect will be tipped off and flee the scene. Once the eWarrant is approved, it can be transmitted to the judge via a secure video conferencing link, which eliminates the need for a judge to travel to the scene of the crime. Ewarrants