German Courses London – Take Your German to the Next Level

For all the praise London gets for being a global city and financial capital, it’s also an international centre of culture and learning. That’s especially true of languages – and one that shouldn’t be forgotten is German. With over 95 million native speakers, it’s the most widely spoken language in the EU and a key component of Europe’s strongest economy.

If you’re looking to take your German to the next level, you can get some help from a private tutor. While some sites like Babbel offer free online lessons, you’ll find it much more effective to have a real conversation with a live German teacher. Luckily, there are plenty of German courses London that meet this requirement.

The ten-week evening courses are open to all and will develop your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. They’re taught by teachers at various levels of the Common European Framework and run from beginner level through to proficiency.

The classes are interactive and taught in English with some basic German thrown in. They’re aimed at people who want to learn to speak German and understand the cultures of the countries where it’s spoken. The course is taught by teachers who are fluent in German and will give you a solid foundation in the language. The grammatical elements will be taught in context and the class will incorporate activities that enable you to start speaking immediately. You’ll develop your reading, writing and speaking abilities as well as a better understanding of the German cultural background.