Handlebars & Controls For Your Bike

Handlebars & Controls

The handlebars on your bike are arguably the most important parts of your riding experience, both in terms of comfort and control. Motorcycle Detailing Brisbane Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, changing your handlebars can make a dramatic difference in the way you ride.

Choosing the right handlebars for your bike is crucial, and J&P Cycles has a huge selection of styles to choose from. From compact bars to those with a long reach and deep drops, you can find the perfect fit for your riding style, comfort level and bike’s build.

Customize your controls with our wide selection of motorcycle switch housing sets, brake master assemblies and cruise control setups for all of your key functions. From brake, throttle and clutch levers to horns and light switches, we stock all the gear you need for an organized switch set up that works well for you.

Get a better grip on your motorcycle by replacing the old stock hand controls with new ones. We offer a variety of levers, clevises and knuckles to give you more leverage and improve control on your ride.

Upgrade your handlebars to wide riser bars and enjoy the added benefits of more control, a comfortable grip, and less stress on your wrists. They’re also great for trail and free riding because the wider handlebars allow more weight distribution towards your back.

Measure your handlebars before buying them to ensure you get the correct measurements. Generally speaking, there are three key measurements you should be aware of: width, sweep and clamp area. These can be measured visually by comparing them side-by-side or with a tape measure or caliper.

Width measures the total width of the handlebars from end to end where the grips are installed. The width is usually in a letter “L” shape and is typically 7/8th- or 1-1/8th-inch thick.

Sweep measures the amount of space between your hands and the handlebars (the pullback). The sweep is measured from the center of the clamp area to the end of the bar in a letter “L” shape.

More control – A wider handlebar gives you more leverage when turning and makes the handling of your bike easier. This is especially beneficial for rougher terrain or when tackling difficult courses.

Increased durability – A good quality handlebar will last longer than the average stock unit and will require less maintenance over time. If you ride a lot, this is a good investment in the longevity of your motorcycle.

If you’re unsure what handlebars are best for you, talk to our team of experts about the different options available and how to pick the right set for your bike.

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