Health and Safety Awareness Course

For those unfamiliar with health and safety training, it can seem like an unnecessary investment. After all, employees are already aware of basic safety rules thanks to countless posters on break room walls and their annual safety awareness session. But the reality is that companies who neglect to invest in health and safety training can face a range of costly consequences. From fines and lost productivity to reduced investor interest and difficulty attracting community and government support, it’s critical for every organization to ensure their employees are aware of the risks involved in their work.

During this training, learners will gain an understanding of the key principles of health and safety legislation including identifying and controlling hazards. They will learn about the importance of speaking up for safety, and how to respond in emergency situations. This course is ideal for young workers who need to enhance their knowledge of working safely, finding and controlling hazards, the rights and responsibilities they have at work and how to keep themselves safe.

This online course is designed to help workers understand their role concerning health and safety based on the 4-step model established by the Ministry of Labour. It will allow them to play an active part in establishing and maintaining a healthy and safe workplace, leading to reduced absenteeism and healthcare costs, thereby saving their company money. It also enables them to comply with regulations and standards, as well as providing a better working environment for everyone. health and safety awareness course