HID light vehicle market in China

 It is understood that the domestic market, only Philips and snow Wright won the intellectual property of the HID lamps

  According to headlight HID xenon snow Wright successfully developed high-tech products, currently has 50 patents, with the groundbreaking cooperation with Chery, Geely, snow Wright HID lights become the only one to enter the vehicle plant products . The company said it expected to snow Wright automotive lighting in 2015 will become the first brand of Chinese automotive lighting.

    HID lamp market from 2004 began to set foot into the snow Wright is the only domestic production of complete sets of xenon lamp products companies, has made the vehicle plant two certified E-Mark certification and TS16949 certified. Prior to this, snow Wright HID lamps are mostly as a single product in the conversion market circulation, and the entire product (two bulbs, two ballasts) has been difficult to enter the vehicle market.

    This is the development of snow Wright HID lights has been difficult to break through the bottleneck. It is understood, HI lamps, etc., although the highest gross margin in the varieties in the snow Wright, but has been only as a single light bulb sales, the retail price of annual decline, the current price of about 50 yuan, but a set of products in the market The price is about 1300 yuan, only a huge difference between the bulb and the entire sales price.

    It is understood that the domestic market, only Philips and snow Wright won the intellectual property of the HID lamp, establish industry access threshold, but the snow Wright in their brand building late start in 2005 has been the ODM as Lord. In view of the need to use the auto market HID lamps tend to be concentrated in high-end cars, such car parts brand, although the snow Wright has a price advantage for Philips, but to enter the luxury car market there are certain difficulties.

    In addition, the relatively low utilization rates of the domestic car HID lights also affect the pace of the snow Wright HID lamp into the vehicle market. It is reported that in the foreign new models, the rate of adoption of the xenon lamp are getting higher and higher, accounting for 32% of the new models in Europe, Japan and South Korea new models 18-20%, but the utilization rate remains to 10%. But with the domestic traffic as well as the improvement of the performance of the car, HID lamps are also expected to increasingly become the standard configuration of the domestic new car.

    Obviously, if the vehicle market, the snow Wright HID light products will undoubtedly enter the era of huge profits.

    Loaded from the top of the aftermarket modification market configuration market

    Snow Wright 2011 annual report shows that the company’s overall operating income of 469 million yuan, up 33.06 percent, a total profit of 25.02 million yuan, an increase of 54.73%.Main product: car dvd In it, the snow Wright HID lamps series of sales of 67.14 million yuan, up 56.35% revenue growth, a performance increase in one of the “main force”. black bedside table lamp