How to Buy a Visa Prepaid Card Online

Prepaid cards are a great way to give a gift, teach kids about spending or help with budgeting. They are easy to use and typically don’t carry the same fees as credit or debit cards. They are backed by Visa, so they can be used at millions of locations worldwide and are protected if lost or stolen.

Visa partners with financial institutions to issue prepaid cards, and they set the terms, fees and rewards associated with them. Some cards are reloadable, allowing you to add money at retail locations or online. Others have a balance or cash back feature. Some come with a mobile app to track spending and other features.

Most prepaid cards are loaded with a specific amount of funds, and your spend will deduct from the total card balance. However, a few types of cards can allow you to spend more than the available balance (like reloadable Visa debit cards). You should be aware of all the fees and features associated with the prepaid card that you choose to buy.

Virtual prepaid Visa cards can be purchased online or at some retail stores. You can also buy them from some banks and credit unions. The card packaging lists key fees, so you can compare cards when you’re shopping at a store. You can also find information about a card’s fee structure on its website or by calling the number listed on the card packaging. Some prepaid cards may also require you to pay a fee for adding funds to the card, and this is usually included in the initial load amount. buy visa prepaid card online