How to Create a Custom Wardrobe Closet

The first thing to do when creating a custom wardrobe closet is to understand your specific clothing needs. This will help you (and your designer) determine what storage components you need – like drawers, shelves, hanging rods, etc.

For example, if you plan to hang your clothes (which will take up the most space), then it’s important to know how long your shirts and blouses are – that way they’ll fit nicely on the rods. Most closet designers will recommend that the rods be a minimum of 24 inches wide. Any narrower and your shirts will protrude too much and not fit properly.

Next, think about how often you’ll be storing each item of clothing. Some people curate their wardrobe and are very particular about only keeping certain items, while others rotate clothes in and out of the closet based on season. It’s helpful to know how many times you’ll store each type of item in the future so you can design the system with those uses in mind.

Finally, consider the style you want. Wardrobe closets are available in a wide variety of materials and colors to complement your home’s style. The doors and frames can also be crafted in different styles, and you can add extra accessories like shelf dividers or novelty storage spaces to further customize the look of your closet.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional walk-in closet or something a little more unique, a custom wardrobe is sure to become the centerpiece of your bedroom or entryway. We can work with you to create a closet that will meet all your functional requirements and enhance the beauty of your home. custom wardrobe closet