How to Create a QR Code With Adobe Express

From restaurant menus to bathroom stall doors, QR codes are all over the place. They are a fast, easy way to link customers to online information, such as product reviews or payments. They are also a great way to create a call-to-action or direct people to your website. With Adobe Express, you can create a free, custom-designed QR code in seconds to help engage your audience and build your brand.

When you first create a QR code you’ll be asked to enter in the content you would like to link to it. You can select from URL, vCard, plain text, SMS or a download. After entering the appropriate information you can choose from a range of colors and frames to personalize your code. You can also select if you want to track the number of scans or view usage statistics and you can download your code as a vector (SVG) image, a JPEG or PNG raster graphic or embed it directly into your website using the HTML provided.

Once you’ve created a code you can easily print it to use on your website or in other marketing materials. Adding your logo to the center of your QR code is a good way to increase brand recognition, and you can also change the shape of your code to make it more visually appealing.

You can also add a frame and a Scan Me message to encourage people to use your QR code, or you can customize the color of your code to match your branding. You can even create a multi-line code to include more information, such as your contact details and business hours.

Another option is to choose a code type that links to a mobile-optimized page. This is particularly important since consumers will be scanning your code with their phones and you’ll want to ensure they’re arriving at a quality experience. This can help drive conversions and increase your likelihood of success with your code.

Google Docs offers a variety of tools that are often overlooked or underutilized by users. One of these is the ability to generate a QR code for any document in the cloud. To do this, open a document in Google Docs and click the more icon – the three vertical dots – in the top right corner of the window to see a drop-down menu. From this, select Create QR Code to generate a QR code for the current page. This will then be available to download as an image or link in your downloads folder. You’ll be prompted to sign up for a free account, but you can skip this step if you don’t have an account already.