How to Create Beautiful Diamond Painting Animals

A new creative craft that has taken the world by storm, diamond painting is an activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels. Similar to cross-stitch and paint-by-numbers, this activity requires patience and focus but it is a relaxing and enjoyable way to spend time.

The process of creating diamond paintings is fairly simple, but it can take a bit of practice to master the technique. The first step is to choose a design that you love and will enjoy working on. There are many different designs to choose from, so taking the time to browse and pick a kit that speaks to you is important. Many kits include an instruction booklet to help you get started. You may also find that it is helpful to have a small tray to hold your diamonds while you work. This will allow you to see your entire design as you work, and it will keep the diamonds from drying out and becoming more difficult to place.

You will also need a special tool to help you apply the diamonds to your canvas. Known as an applicator pen, this tool is used to pick up the individual diamonds and apply them in the correct spot on the canvas. It is typically a hollow pen with a wax tip that you can dip into the corresponding color bag to pick up the diamonds. When you are done applying the diamonds, simply press them down firmly to set them in place. It is best to keep the applicator pen and the wax in a plastic bag when not in use to protect them from dust.

Once you have all of your supplies, it is time to start your project! Begin by slowly peeling back the plastic covering on your canvas. This will ensure that you do not accidentally touch the adhesive and ruin it. You can continue to do this throughout the project as you work, or you can cut out sections of the plastic cover based on how much time you have available to work that day. This will also prevent the glue from being exposed to too much dust and drying out prematurely.

As you work, notice the satisfying “snap” of each diamond as it sets in its proper place on your canvas. This will give you a feeling of accomplishment as you complete each section. Depending on the size of your design, you may decide to frame it or create a fabric wall hanging with it. Either way, your finished product will be a beautiful addition to your home.

If you are an animal lover, diamond painting tiere is a fun way to show off your love for these majestic creatures. With a variety of options, you can find a design that depicts everything from soft and cuddly kittens to fiercely protective lions. Take some time to browse and find a design that you will enjoy working on, and consider getting friends involved so that you can share in the joy of this relaxing hobby.