How to Find a Personal Trainer Online

If you’re looking for motivation, accountability and a way to build bulletproof health habits, personal training online may be the answer. It can also be a great alternative to a gym membership or hiring in-person trainers who may not have the expertise you need.

Typically, an online trainer will have an initial screen where they ask you questions about your fitness goals, any injuries and other health issues that may impact your training. This will be done either via video chat or through a phone call. They should then provide a personalized workout plan to suit your needs. They should also keep in regular contact, check in with you and send you progress reports or ratings (like a personal grading system) to highlight areas of strength and weakness.

Online trainers often work on a monthly subscription model so that you don’t have to commit to a contract and can cancel any time. This makes it easy to try them out and see if they’re right for you.

However, be wary of online personal trainers who jump straight in, take your money and then send you a workout – they might not have the experience or the qualifications to provide you with a safe and effective training program.

You can find a range of online trainers on platforms like Trainerize, where you can filter for the best qualifications and reviews. You can also choose from a wide variety of options, from one-on-one training sessions to group workouts on the go through streaming apps. Personlig tränare online