How to Troubleshoot Norcold Refrigerators

RVers who choose norcold refrigerators know that these appliances can handle a lot of rough travel, bumping and bouncing, as well as sudden changes in ambient temperature. But even the best RV fridges can break down occasionally, and it’s nice to have a few troubleshooting tips to keep on hand.

One of the most common problems is a refrigerator that continues to run when the power is turned off. This is usually caused by a cooling unit problem and can lead to a fire. This is especially dangerous because the propane gas inside the fridge can re-ignite if it comes into contact with hot surfaces, such as the oven or burners. There are some fixes for this problem, including installing a high-temperature sensor. This sensor would shut down the refrigerator if it detects a problem and prevent a fire. However, this is a band-aid and not a long-term solution.

Another way to resolve the refrigerator running continuously issue is to reset it by cycling the power on and off several times. The refrigerator should then start operating normally again. If this doesn’t work, it may be necessary to replace the cooling unit.

Lastly, a Norcold fridge that’s not cooling as much as it should can be fixed by identifying and replacing any blown fuses. These fuses are located in a small black box, typically in the lower left corner of the refrigerator. To access the fuses, first remove the cover and then pull out the fuses. norcold refrigerators