How to Turn on Hotspot on the iPhone XR

Connect to a Wi-Fi network

With an iPhone XR, you can connect up to 10 other devices to your mobile data network simultaneously using its personal hotspot feature; it is automatically enabled when mobile data is activated. While previous iPhone models used 2.4GHz Wi-Fi when creating Personal Hotspot connections, the 12 lineup supports 5GHz networks by default for creating Personal Hotspot connections.

Start by opening the Settings app on your iPhone, selecting Cellular data, tapping Cellular data options, and then turning on Personal Hotspot feature. Under Personal Hotspot settings you can activate Low Data mode – informing apps of available data while prompting them to use less.

iOS 13 or later offers you the capability to create a Family Sharing group and manage how your data is distributed. Depending on your plan, you may also allow other devices to join an ad-hoc network created when setting up Personal Hotspot; its name can also be changed at anytime and its access through Control Center where long-pressing expands network blocks so you can view nearby networks that offer connections.

Connect to a Bluetooth device

The iPhone XR allows for seamless data exchange with various Bluetooth and USB devices, including laptops. If you wish to link other devices with the iPhone, view its main display and select Configuration; in Contrasena input a password of at least 8 characters and save.

Your cell phone must be active and the Hotspot Personal option deactivated for other devices to access Wi-Fi networks, then make sure both phones use matching Hotspot Personal keys in Ajustments; check that Wi-Fi zones on both equipments have been activated as a final step.

With iOS 10.3, there is the Low Data Mode feature to reduce data use, informing apps of this change and helping prevent unexpectedly high bills from accruing. This option can also help save battery power!

Connect to a USB device

The iPhone XR supports tethering to USB devices via Wi-Fi networks or Bluetooth connections. To connect, activate Personal Hotspot, select your USB device from the list, and follow on-screen instructions for finalizing connectivity.

To avoid incurring overage charges on your cellular data plan, set your phone to use low data mode when connecting Personal Hotspot. To do this, navigate to Settings > Cellular Data > Mobile Data Options > Low Data Mode – this feature will notify apps to reduce their data usage but won’t completely shut them off until manually disabled by you.

iPhone 12 models automatically establish Personal Hotspot connections over 5GHz networks by default, providing faster data transfers at up to twice the rate compared with older phones. You may opt for automatic connection over 2.4GHz for compatibility with EMO systems but this option should be avoided for best results.

Turn on the hotspot

If you are having difficulty connecting to your mobile hotspot, ensure your zone Wi-Fi is enabled and make sure the devices you’re trying to connect are compatible with it.

iOS 13 and iPadOS introduce Personal Hotspot, which connects over faster 5GHz wireless networks instead of the older 2.4GHz networks used by prior iPhone models. You can easily enable 5GHz tethering in Settings.

By activating Low Data Mode in Settings, you can also better manage data usage. When this feature is activated, apps that use mobile data should use less to avoid unexpected overage charges; however, you should still monitor usage closely; some apps may still use more mobile data than anticipated and increase costs unexpectedly. Furthermore, Settings offers an overview of your recent mobile data usage.