Magnetic Signs For Trucks

Whether it’s a fleet of company vehicles or a single person in a personal car, magnetic business signs transform any vehicle into a rolling billboard that reaches a wide audience. This type of passive advertising is a cost-effective way to share information, promote a brand, or share support for a cause. Unlike other graphic options that require a costly paint job, magnetic vehicle signage is easily removed and repositioned.

Magnetic truck signs are an excellent branding option for businesses that hire or lease their vehicles. They allow a company to brand their cars and vans simply and quickly, which is especially important when the vehicles are frequently driven by multiple workers and are often away from the office for periods of time during evenings and weekends. They also provide a great solution for seasonal marketing campaigns, as they can be easily changed from one day to the next.

To ensure the best possible adhesion, it’s best to apply magnetic signs to a surface that is fully metal and free of chrome details or ridges that could interfere with the magnet’s hold. It is also recommended to regularly clean the surface to prevent grime from building up on the sign.

Using a soft cloth or sponge, gently wipe the sign to remove any dirt that has built up. Regular cleaning will help prolong the life of your vehicle graphics and keep them looking great! This is also a great idea for those who are parked in areas where restrictions prohibit the parking of commercial trucks, as they can easily remove their magnetic signs when leaving work for an evening or weekend. magnetic signs for trucks