Mini Golf Hire – Connect Young and Old, Skilled and First Time

Hiring a portable mini golf hire course can connect young and old, skilled and first timers in an engaging and fun activity that is easily adapted to suit your event, venue or business. Mobile crazy golf is great for corporate events, trade shows, exhibitions and is especially popular at weddings.

The award winning Putter Madness portable 9 hole crazy golf course is a fully mobile experience, which means it can be set up indoors or outdoors all year round. It’s easily placed on flat surfaces and is very safe and easy to use for both children and adults. The courses come with everything you need (putters, low bounce balls, scorecards and friendly stewards if required) for a really successful event, making them a perfect attraction at any party or event.

The courses have a variety of cool obstacles like Loop the Loop, Barn House, Lighthouse, wishing well and challenge ramps. All the holes are numbered and have cool graphics, which makes the event look professional and helps to create a sense of competition for both young and old. The courses can be customised to include initials or abbreviations, which is a great way to make it personal for the celebration. mini golf hire