North Cyprus Hair Transplant Clinics

The north cyprus hair transplant is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the world. Besides being affordable, it is also safe and fast. The results are very natural and you will not even notice that your hair has been treated. However, before you choose a clinic, make sure to do your research. It is important to find a doctor who has experience and is reputable. The cost of a procedure can vary, depending on the type and quality of clinic, as well as the doctor’s reputation.

The United States does not recognize the “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus,” but it does not bar U.S. citizens from traveling to the area. The self-declared government of the breakaway territory, led by Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Ersin Tatar, imposes Turkish law in the areas it administers. The government is criticized for human rights abuses and widespread allegations of cronyism.

Located in Nicosia, FUEHUB Cyprus is a private single-specialty medical center that specializes in hair restoration and transplantation. It offers a full range of treatments for men and women who are suffering from hair loss, including FUE and DHI techniques. Its surgeons have a vast experience in the field of hair restoration and have achieved high success rates. In addition, the clinic serves only adults.

Dr Michalis is a specialist in follicular unit extraction (FUE) and has been trained by Dr John Cole USA – Atlanta, the FUE pioneer. Using advanced surgical equipment, his team provides the highest-quality care with excellent growth yields and dense results. They use a technique called the “stick and place” method, which allows them to create natural-looking, thicker results with minimal scarring. north cyprus hair transplant