Online Job Search Tips

Online job search tips can make it easier to connect with hiring managers and get a new job. Gone are the days when you would open the Sunday newspaper and pore over column after column of jobs posted on the classifieds page. Today, nearly all job searching is done online. The trick is maximizing your efficiency to land a job as quickly as possible.

A good start is to use the tools available on online job boards, LinkedIn and Facebook. But don’t forget to also explore resources like industry publications and company websites. Many companies have a “careers” or “jobs” section on their websites that lists current openings. Also, consider reaching out directly to people you know in the industries that interest you. They may be aware of a job opening at their company or they might be able to refer you for an interview.

Another way to find a job is to attend networking events. Networking events provide an opportunity to meet people in real time and discuss their work experience with them. They can even lead to informational interviews, which are an excellent way to learn about a company or industry. Job fairs are another great resource for finding a position.

Finally, be sure to keep your resume and professional profile updated and clean. Make sure your skills match the ones listed in a job description and that you don’t have any grammatical errors. Employers are less forgiving than in the past and will notice a typo or a mismatched skill set.