Pangeos Yacht Concept Revealed

Double the size of the Roman Colosseum, Pierpaolo Lazzarini’s latest project is a monumental terayacht concept called Pangeos. Designed to be an itinerant floating city for the ultra-high net worth, the turtle-shaped vessel would boast hotels, shopping centers, parks, beach clubs, and ship and aircraft ports, among other amenities.

According to the design firm, which recently revealed a video of the mega-yacht, it would take eight years and $8 billion to construct Pangeos. The terayacht, which is named after — you guessed it — the prehistoric supercontinent of Pangea, would sail around the world without ever docking at a single destination. It would also be able to capture energy from the wind and waves to power its nine engines, which are rated at 16,800 horsepower.

The 3,000-ton behemoth is designed to house 60,000 guests and will cruise at a top speed of five knots thanks to its nine electric motors. The “wings” of the terayacht will provide additional energy through solar panels.

Lazzarini hasn’t divulged much about the interior of the massive vessel. But he did say that it would be “an extraordinary mix of a luxury resort, a cruise ship, and a city.”

On each side wing, there will be space for 19 villas and 69 apartments, while the roof shell could offer a number of terraces with sea views. As for the hotel rooms, they’ll be equipped with their own spas and private pools, and a large ballroom will be available for social gatherings. The terayacht will be able to accommodate 60,000 guests and an unspecified number of crew members.

If you’re interested in becoming a part of the project, you can buy space on the yacht through an NFT crowdfunding campaign that will start in early 2023. Once the campaign ends, you’ll be able to purchase virtual credentials in the Metaverse that will serve as a deposit on a physical space should the vessel actually be built.

Before construction can begin, approximately one square kilometer of the ocean will need to be dredged and a circular dam built. The designers have identified King Abdullah Port in Saudi Arabia as the ideal location. Once completed, the Pangeos will set sail from there, roaming the globe and attracting visitors from all over the world. To find out more, you can check out the NFT crowdfunding page here. And if you’re feeling particularly wealthy, you can always try to scoop up one of the NFTs on auction. The prices range from a virtual admittance ticket ($16 or 0.01 ETH) to a super villa ($1,500 or 0.3 ETH). Just make sure you’re sitting down. This is going to be a wild ride. pangeos yacht