During the past few years thousands of citizens all over the world have become victims of phony locksmiths. The question which arises here is that what is a phony locksmith ?? and how can we differentiate between a legitimate one and a phony one ??

A phony locksmith is someone who uses fake addresses to appear anywhere and everywhere a citizen could expect to have a need for locksmith services and he will often use addresses of unsuspecting citizens or sometimes addresses that don’t even exist in order to create thousands of locksmith listings in the printed directories as well as on the internet with a sole intention to monopolize the mechanisms by which a consumer can expect to be able to find a locksmith.

If you ever get locked out and you are trying to locate a locksmith that is nearest to you,

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 it appears as if the phony locksmiths have engineered this massive locksmith fraud so well that most casual users using the internet search engines really can’t be expected to tell the difference between the phony address used by the phony locksmith and the real locksmith with a real address, just two blocks down the street from the phony one.

What the consumers generally assume is that someone who advertises himself as a locksmith can pick many locks without damaging them. The scammers who are using this phony locksmith marketing strategy are well aware of the fact that they can make more money from the consumers by pretending that they cannot pick the lock or not even being capable of picking any lock for that matter. If they would have been real locksmiths then they would never have been guilty of identifying what even an apprentice locksmith with training could pick open with his eyes closed as somehow being high security or requiring drilling. This puts the consumer at risk of being without a lock on their door if they refuse to allow the phony locksmith to charge again to “uninstall” the lock they broke unnecessarily, and then charge again an outrageous fee for substandard hardware. These phony locksmiths often install an even less secure a lock than what the victim had before they called the untrained locksmith out for a simple lockout. It is because of these phony locksmiths that many honest, law abiding, legal locksmiths are at risk of losing their livelihood due to the unscrupulous, outrageous methods used by companies to aggressively monopolize the locksmith trade.

So what are the things which can be done to avoid ever having a phony locksmith experience ?
The first tip is to establish a working relationship with a company you trust and keep their phone number handy or even better yet program their number into your cell phone because you will always be having your cell phone even if you are locked out of your car home or your work place. Be aware that one of the worst tactics used by these fraudulent locksmith companies is hijacking the directory listings of reputable companies to purposely confuse the customer into thinking that they are calling a reputable locksmith company that they know and trust. Customers should ask for someone they know at the company, and reference their location by use of landmarks. There are a lot of phonies out there so customer if they need to should not hesitate in calling the directory again until they are connected with someone that they can tell is actually local to their area and not pretending to be. 24 hour locksmith