Plastic Bags Ban, An Approach To Reusable Shopping Bags Materialization

Most countries all over the world have implemented the banning of plastic bags because of the incessant growth of trash in the landfills and oceans. Environmental pollution has been a tremendous problem for the past decades and plastic bags have found out to be one of the major causes of air, land and water pollution.

In order to prevent this social dilemma, environment-concerned associations and other non-government organizations (NGOs) have united to fight against the quandary. The implementation of plastic bags ban was a big help to promote a greener environment and to prevent illnesses to humans particularly the consumers.

The banning of plastic bags to supermarkets and department stores served as a driving force to bag manufacturers to produce the reusable shopping bags that are proven safe to humans and the environment.

When plastic bags were banned in world market, the demand for reusable bags has eventually increased up to 70 percent, which means there was a higher production compared to the past years of bag manufacturing. Manufacturers of reusable shopping bags were known worldwide and this was their big advantage to gain numerous customers, and market their products and services as well as their respective companies. It is observed that during the use of plastic bags, store owners and consumers have higher expenses because they kept on buying the bags which they can only be used once or twice as packaging of their commodities. And once these plastic bags are thrown, they cause danger to people and the environment. These toxic materials take long years to decompose so they remain trash in the landfills and oceans.

It was truly crucial that plastic bags were banned and a better alternative have materialized. The reusable ones were introduced in the entire world and have been patronized by many consumers. These types, whether they are made of polypropylene (PP), polyethylene terephthalate (PET) or recycled polyethylene terephthalate (RPET), they are guaranteed safe to humans and the environment. The fabrics used by manufacturers in producing them are durable and can be cleaned easily. They are intended for multi-uses for different purposes. Consumers do not need to buy other shopping bags for them to use in packaging their foods and goods. All they need to do is to wash the reusable bags and air dry after every use.

For some purposes, reusable shopping bags serve not just as ordinary shopping bags but as fashion accessories for chic girls who love shopping. They are produced in various shapes and styles, and they can be customized. Consumers have a lot of varieties to choose from because of the bags attractive colors and prints. Another purpose of the reusable bags is for immediate marketing. Companies use them to be given away to their clients with their company logos printed on the bags. People could recognize easily those companies upon carrying the reusable shopping bags by the clients. Michael Kors the tote handbag