Profit Recovery Review

Profit Recovery is a cost reduction services firm that has saved clients more than $3 billion through cost-reduction initiatives like savings assessments and vendor management strategies. It helps its clients save money on a range of expenses, such as audit fees, utility bills and healthcare costs. Its services are geared to corporate finance departments and private equity firms. The company provides business expense reduction efforts including savings assessments, supplier compliance, and vendor reviews. It offers services to clients that include FORTUNE 1000 companies, law firms, private equity firms and public companies in North America.

Profit Recovery works with companies to review their accounts payable systems and uncover any funds that are owed back to the company because of duplicate payments, overpayments or failure to take credits. These amounts are often obscured and difficult to uncover through standard internal accounting procedures. The firm then pursues the recovery of these funds on behalf of the client, a service that can be a valuable tool for any organization. A recovery audit should be considered by any company that experiences significant accounting system changes, organizational change or a merger and acquisition. The firm can also help to identify the causes of the problems and help with modification of the accounting systems to prevent recurrence.