Psilocybin Grow Bags

Whether you are growing Psilocybin mushrooms for their therapeutic benefits or just to enjoy their delicious taste, the process is easy with our mushroom grow bags. These are bags of sterilized sawdust that can be inoculated with spores and left to colonize, after which they will produce a fruiting block of mushrooms.

The key feature of our mushroom bags is the filter patch. This is a filter that is inserted between the bag’s gussets, and it prevents contamination during the post-sterilization cool down. During this period, room air will naturally be drawn into the bag, and if it is not filtered then the spores and substrate could become contaminated.

Another important aspect of our mushroom bags is that they are made out of polypropylene plastic, which is not only durable, but also completely biodegradable. This means that you can use them for multiple rounds of growth without worrying about them tearing or getting contaminated.

The bag is also optimized for substrate mix and volume, with a blend of sterilized manure-based compost, organic grain, coco coir, and other quality substrate supplements (we keep our exact recipe secret). It is then hydrated to ensure optimal mycelial growth. This combination results in a fast colonizing and high yielding mushroom grow bag.

The most important step is to inoculate the grow bag with your spores. We recommend using a spore syringe or liquid culture. Once the grow bag is inoculated, you should seal it and place it on a shelf for colonization. To do this, twist the top of the bag, then use a piece of wire to tightly wrap around the twist. This will create a strong seal that prevents contamination, but it is still easy to loosen for mixing or air exchange. Psilocybin grow bags