RELX Electronic Cigarette Review

RELX is one of the newer e-cigarette companies on the market, but they are already making a big impact. Their products feature innovative technologies that give vapers a smooth transition to smoke-free vaping. They offer a complete set of devices that are designed to be easy to use and maintain. RELX is also committed to pushing scientific boundaries in their laboratories, which translates into better quality products.

Relx’s mission is to accelerate the transition to cigarette alternatives for one billion smokers worldwide. Its first device, the Classic, is a draw-activated pod vape that’s perfect for new vapers. There are no buttons on the device, and a teardrop LED lights up when you take a hit. It also has a 350-mAh battery, so you’ll get all day vaping out of it before you need to recharge.

The Classic has a slim, compact design that’s comfortable in your hand. It’s not as small as the JUUL, but it’s still light enough that you can easily hold it in your mouth hands-free. Its sleek, modern design is complemented by its transparent casing, which makes it easy to check your e-liquid levels.

Another important aspect of the Classic is its leak-proof qualities. Leaking can be a huge issue with some pod vapes, but the RELX is very effective at eliminating this problem. This is thanks to the vapor barriers that are built into its internal components. In addition to this, the pods have a unique shape that prevents vapor from entering areas of the device where it doesn’t belong.

A leaking pod can be a sign that it’s time to replace the coil or recharge the battery. You can do this with a micro USB cord that fits into a port on the bottom of the device. The indicator LED will flash when the battery is charging and it will turn off when it’s fully charged. The battery will last a full day for moderate to heavy vapers.

One of the best things about the relx e-cigarette is that it’s extremely simple to use. There’s no learning curve with this device, and you can pick it up and start vaping right away. The only thing you need to do is plug the pod in, and you’re ready to go.

The relx e-cigarette has an in-built SmartPace Vibrate Alert feature, which monitors your puffing speed. The device will alert you through a vibration if you’re vaping too fast, which can cause overheating of the coil. This will help you keep a consistent vaping pace, which will result in longer coil life and a better flavor.

Relx is a relatively new company, but they’ve already raised 38 million yuan in their first round of investments. They’re one of the fastest-growing e-cigarette companies and their mission is to make a positive change in the world of smoking. They’re also focusing on quality manufacturing, which is reflected in the sleek, reliable designs of their initial devices. They’ve even partnered with universities and scientific research institutions to study the long-term effects of vaping. relx 電子煙