Sound For Healing – How the Frequencies of Sound Affect Your Body

We all know that certain sounds make us feel good (like ocean waves and wind chimes) and others make us feel not so good (like traffic jams and your neighbor’s violin hobby). But did you know that the frequencies of sound actually affect your body? Sound for healing uses the power of vibrations to create transformational shifts. It is an ancient practice that goes back centuries and has been linked to all the major spiritual philosophies and practices of humanity.

Using the principle of resonance, every organ, bone and cell of your body has its own resonant frequency. This means that when one is out of tune it will affect the whole system. Sound healing can help restore balance and harmony to bring health and wellbeing.

Sound healing practitioners use a variety of tools from deep and earthy Himalayan singing bowls, gongs to ethereal crystal singing bowls, monochord, energy chimes and voice. Sessions can be private or group depending on the space available and often the instruments are not rhythmic and used intuitively to create a journey of energetic highs and lows helping to shift and release a range of energies.

The benefits of sound for healing are rooted in ancient wisdom and have been explored and used since the time of Pythagoras. In modern times science has rediscovered this connection and discovered that different frequencies have specific effects on the body. For example, major and minor chords evoke emotions such as anxiety or peace, and particular rhythms can induce a sense of calm and relaxation. Studies also demonstrate that the brain can synchronize its own natural rhythm to that of specific tones played in each ear, known as binaural beats. This can lead to states of consciousness ranging from wakefulness associated with beta waves to the more meditative trance-like state of theta waves.

In terms of healing, the vibrations emitted by certain instruments and the voice can penetrate deeply into tissues and cells and reset the nervous system. This allows the body to come out of the ‘fight, flight or freeze’ stress response and return to a more healthy regulated state.

This is called entrainment and is well documented in scientific journals. Many people also experience visuals and spiritual messages during a sound healing session. These can include sacred geometric shapes and colours, past memories or great ideas and inspiration. However, everyone’s experience is unique and it is important to be open and trust the process.

The calming and harmonizing effects of sound can be beneficial in helping you reduce the amount of stress hormones in your body, thus decreasing inflammation and boosting your immune system, which can improve mental, physical and emotional health. Over 90 percent of doctor’s visits are due to stress and dis-ease, so it is essential to find ways to relax and restore balance in our lives. Sound is a simple and effective way to do this.