Stitch Clothing Review

Stitch Clothing is an online company that helps you find clothes for yourself and family. When you sign up you fill out a style profile that includes information like your size, preferred fit, shopping preferences and style inspiration. Then a team of expert stylists chooses five items to send you each month that they think will match your style and budget. They also take into account any notes or feedback you have provided from previous shipments.

When you receive your Fix you can try on the pieces and decide what to keep and what to send back. You pay for what you keep through the website and they ship and handle returns free of charge. If you want to continue receiving shipments regularly you can schedule them or join their premium Style Pass program where you pay a yearly subscription fee but get unlimited fixes each year.

The process of making a garment is a fascinating one. From design sketches to final stitches, discover the intricate steps of bringing fashion to life.

Founded in 2014 by Kate Lake, Stitch began with women’s clothing but the goal was always to use data to disrupt shopping for all people. In 2016, Stitch expanded into men’s clothing and is now one of the biggest online apparel companies in the United States. Stitch Clothing