The Advantages of Cloud Services

It is common practise for many organisations these days to use outsourcing to aid their businesses. The use of freelance agencies for everything from Human Resources to Website Building is used across the globe by companies of all sizes.

One form of outsourcing that is as yet largely unknown is cloud computing yet this is a growing phenomenon that can have great benefits in all areas of your business.

Cloud computing allows any employee in the organisation to access their own files from any location anywhere in the world. Regardless of whether that employee is using a PC, laptop or even a mobile phone, they can still gain access to their files providing that device is included in the overall cloud network.

By moving your computing to a remote server, you can gain a streamlined system that has many advantages besides allowing your staff to access files. IT managers will be aware of the headaches that an effective disaster recovery system can pose and procedures need to be constantly updated for a worst case eventuality. By using cloud computing you do away with the need for lengthy and complicated back up processes as the remote server takes care of all these problems.

Additionally, using a remote server for storage issues can also speed up the efficiency of your systems. If files and documents can be stored remotely, they won’t affect the performance of an individual device and this takes away the risk of it slowing down or even failing completely with a resultant loss of important data.

The new system allows your employees to access files through the ‘cloud’ and password protection keeps them safe at all times.

With data stored at the cloud itself, this also makes travel for employees that much safer at the same time. Portable storage devices can be easily lost and sensitive and confidential data can end up in the wrong hands. Over the years there have been countless cases of stolen laptops and information being left in public places by mistake. Cloud computing can take away all of the worry relating to this.

There are financial benefits with the system too and this is just an added bonus when you consider all of the advantages. From safety and security, right through to cost effectiveness, cloud computing is growing at a fast rate and many businesses across the world are starting to enjoy its benefits. cloud disaster recovery