The Advantages of Using a Cold Drawing Machine

Cold drawing is a process by which hot-rolled steel bars and coils are drawn through dies that have been contoured to the shape of the finished product. The dies reduce the material’s diameter, and they can also change its shape. The result is a finished part that has been formed into a specific shape and has the desired mechanical properties. Multi-pass drawing is often required to achieve the final shape and tolerances for complex wire profiles. Between each pass, the materials are usually annealed to remove cold work and increase ductility.

During the drawing process, the metal is subjected to intense mechanical stress. This can lead to changes in the plastic properties of the metal, such as elongation and hardening. This is why it is important to perform tensile testing and other destructive tests on the metal prior to drawing.

The tensile test results can help determine the appropriate material for the application and the drawing speed required. For example, higher-strength alloys can be drawn at a lower drawing speed than lower-strength alloys. In addition, a higher-strength alloy can be drawn longer than a lower-strength alloy.

Typically, the process of drawing begins with a rod or bar stock of the required size and a lubricating fluid. The lubricant helps to prevent the formation of scale on the surface of the steel. After the lubrication, the bar or rod is swung on a mandrel and moved through the drawing dies in the machine. The dies are progressively smaller in diameter. The resulting reduced-size section is coiled for subsequent use.

In order to draw the metal with high efficiency and stability, the machine needs a precise control of both the feed rate and the drawing force. In addition, the machine must be able to achieve the desired reduction of the cross-section without any damage to the metal. This is a challenging task, but it can be accomplished by using a high-quality multi-block drawing machine.

This type of machinery is commonly used to produce stainless steel rods and tubes for the automotive, construction and electronics industries. Its advantages include its speed and ability to produce a wide range of shapes, as well as the fact that it requires fewer machine steps than other types of forming processes. The resulting products have a better surface quality, excellent mechanical properties and can be used in many applications. Cold drawing machine