The Truth About the Best Tested Anti Aging Skin Creams

Here’s a look at the best tested anti aging skin creams. The results of these tests indicate that topically applied creams can be just as effective as cosmetic surgery and they’re safer. Of course, there are some highly promoted compounds that might not be that safe.

In the US, the FDA does not require cosmetic companies to test ingredients for safety. There should be a label somewhere on the product indicating that it has not been tested for safety, but it’s probably in really small print. As we get older, it becomes even harder to read the fine print.

One of the ingredients that have not been tested for safety is called Argireline. The companies that use it say that it is a naturally occurring ingredient, but it is actually a synthetic version of a naturally occurring protein. So, you can’t always get honest answers from the manufacturers. Sometimes, it’s necessary to do your own research.

One of the best tested anti aging skin creams is tretinoin, a synthetic version of vitamin A. It was approved by the FDA as a prescription cream for wrinkle reduction, but the side effects include burning, redness and increased sensitivity.

Avocado oil contains beta-carotene, the precursor to vitamin A. It has been shown to increase the amount of collagen within the skin’s layers. Collagen content is normally lower as time goes by. This is one of the causes of wrinkling and sagging. Increasing the skin’s collagen content should improve firmness and reduce wrinkles. Avocado oil also contains sterolins, which are effective for fading age spots.

One of the best tested anti aging skin creams contains coenzyme Q10, an antioxidant. It has been the subject of several research studies. Scientists have seen that sun exposure depletes coenzyme Q10, as it tries to control free radical damage. Studies indicate that cream containing the antioxidant reverses sun damage, increases hydration and reduces wrinkles.

Because of all of the studies, many companies include COQ10 in their products, but they include such a small amount that it could not possibly be effective. It also needs to be properly formulated or it will not penetrate through all of the skin’s layers. The best tested anti aging skin creams contain a nano-emulsion form that has been shown to penetrate seven layers deep, all the way down into the elastic fibers.

For increasing firmness, stimulating the production of new cells, reducing inflammation and improving the skin’s antioxidant capacity, the most effective ingredient is an active protein called keratin. For reversing damage around the eyes, protein fragments called peptides are most beneficial. They have been shown to reverse wrinkling, stimulate collagen production and diminish wrinkles.

With all of the safe and natural solutions that are available, today, there is simply no reason to accept wrinkles as a fact of life. We may still end up with a few of them, if we live long enough, but the best tested anti aging skin creams can certainly reduce their appearance. careprost uk