Top 5 PS4 Games

The PlayStation 4 is one of the last generation’s bestselling consoles, with a huge library that spans multiple genres. The PS4 also has the advantage of being backward-compatible with its successor, the PlayStation 5, allowing fans to play games from the last generation on their current console.

There’s no shortage of great games on the PS4, with many of these titles skewing toward action-adventure, shooter and JRPG genres. There are also a lot of great PS4 games that feature immersive open worlds, including God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn and Ratchet & Clank.

For players looking for a different type of experience, there are also some excellent PS4 games that have a more linear story. These include the likes of Bloodborne and God of War III, which take players through epic tales that are rich in story and character.

Lastly, the PS4 is also home to some of the best online multiplayer games on the market. These games offer players the chance to team up with friends from around the world in exciting, high-octane multiplayer experiences. These games often require a lot of memory (RAM) and storage capacity on your PlayStation device, so it’s important to consider your storage options before purchasing a new game.

If you’re a fan of beautiful graphics and smooth gameplay, look no further than Persona 5. This gorgeous RPG takes place in Japan, where you’ll explore a futuristic society with all the trappings of modern life. From the anime cutscenes to the jazzy soundtrack, every aspect of this game is dripping with style. This is one of the best PS4 games available, and it’s an absolute must-play for gamers who enjoy beautiful visuals and a deep, engaging story.

Another visually stunning PlayStation 4 game is Horizon Zero Dawn, which takes players to a post-apocalyptic world where humans and machines co-exist. This gorgeously-rendered open-world is a treat for the eyes, and it features an outstanding narrative and a host of worthwhile side quests. It’s the perfect sequel to Horizon 1, and it’s a must-play for anyone who enjoys JRPGs, sci-fi or the gorgeous art style of Japan.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is another must-play game for PS4 owners. This blockbuster title is a hugely enjoyable superhero experience, thanks to its thrilling web-slinging and fast-paced combat system. The game also offers a vast, open-world recreation of New York City with plenty of landmarks to visit and doodads to collect. Plus, the game includes a slew of fan-favorite characters and villains from the Marvel universe. PS4 games