UPVC Conservatory

UPVC conservatories provide a beautiful addition to any home – attached or otherwise. UPVC is a durable material that is easy to maintain and is very affordable. The added space provided by a UPVC conservatory is a great way to expand living space without having to move to a larger home. The versatility provided by a conservatory makes this kind of addition a popular choice.

Homeowners have the option of contracting the building of a UPVC conservatory or doing it themselves using a kit that comes complete with instructions. The do-it-yourself option is a great way to save money while still allowing homeowners to enjoy the benefits of a UPVC conservatory. Such DIY kits come with everything needed to finish the project except for the base. The UPVC arrives already finished with a protective coating.

The durability of a UPVC conservatory is the strongest selling point. Made of plastic, UPVC is easily molded into shape in a factory, thus can be easily assembled on site. Where necessary, the UPVC is reinforced with metals such as aluminum. This adds an extra layer of strength, providing a solidly built addition. The UPVC can be finished to resemble mahogany or oak, or it can be let white for a bright, airy look.

The Victorian style UPVC conservatory typically offers 3-5 facets, providing an elegant, rounded addition. The Edwardian style tends to be more square or rectangular with right angles and a sharp finish. More popular these days is the sun lounge, complete with a flat or sloped glass roof. Given the variety of different styles and finishes, it is easy to find the perfect UPVC conservatory for any home.

In many cases it is necessary to obtain permission to in order to add a UPVC conservatory. There are numerous restrictions associated with expanding a home. For example, if the conservatory addition will be facing a roadway, it must be approved. Any addition cannot take up more than 50 % of the adjacent land. There are many more requirements than these few examples. Many companies and/or builders will acquire the necessary paperwork on the behalf of the homeowner. DIY conservatory builders may want to look into the restrictions to make sure they are following all the rules.

A conservatory made of UPVC is the most economical choice on the market for many reasons. The UPVC itself is less expensive than hardwood. Because it is prefabricated in a factory, the UPVC conservatory is easier and less expensive to construct. For extra savings, UPVC conservatories can be assembled by homeowners.

Maintaining a UPVC conservatory is easy. Unlike conservatories made of wood, UPVC comes with a protective sealant already applied. This sealant will prevent the UPVC from fading. There is also no need to paint UPVC, unlike wood structures which need to be repainted every few years. UPVC will not rot or mold. All that is needed is a simple wipe down when necessary. In those cases, soap and water work just fine. tiled conservatory roof