WeTransfer Alternatives

WeTransfer has made a name for itself as the go-to file transfer service to send large files that are too big to attach to an email or drop into an instant message. The service is easy to use, available in all browsers and on all devices, and works well for most people—but it’s far from perfect. It has its drawbacks, including slow uploads/downloads and limited time restrictions on links for free users, which can be major pain points for digital creative teams.

Fortunately, there are plenty of WeTransfer Alternatives that can provide a better experience. These alternatives can provide a host of features to improve the workflow for those working in the world of video production, marketing agencies and design studios that rely on file sharing to get the job done.

The top WeTransfer Alternatives offer faster upload/download speeds, unlimited file size limits and more flexible file expiration options. Some also offer password protection and other advanced sharing options that can help prevent data breaches and theft of sensitive information.

With its clean click-select-send interface and 2 GB of free file transfer space, Smash is a great choice for those who don’t want to deal with the hassle of hitting WeTransfer’s limit or paying for a premium tier to avoid restrictions. It’s also a good option for businesses that need a secure, branded file transfer solution.

This WeTransfer Alternative offers a simple and efficient upload-send-download interface, which is also available in a mobile app for iOS and Android devices. Its 2 GB file transfer limit is more than enough for most personal and professional users, but some may find it restrictive when dealing with larger videos or PSB files. It’s also missing some key features that WeTransfer has, such as password protection and the ability to track downloads.

Another popular WeTransfer Alternative, pCloud offers a generous 100 GB of storage for file transfers, but it’s monetized by ads on the site, which can cause a lag in the upload/download process. It also lacks advanced sharing options such as malware protection, link customization and file versioning.

Another notable WeTransfer Alternative, MediaFire, is a good choice for users who need free storage for files up to 1 TB. Its interface is fairly straightforward, with an upload-select-send workflow that’s familiar to many desktop users. Its biggest flaw is that it doesn’t allow for a custom URL and its free tier only allows shared files to be available for seven days. Despite these shortcomings, it’s still worth considering.