What Is High-Performance Thermal Paste?

High-performance thermal paste is a type of compound that’s used to improve heat dissipation from processors & other electronic components in a computer. It helps prevent overheating which can potentially damage the components & shorten their lifespans. Typically, it’s applied to the microprocessor before it is installed in the heat sink.

There are many different types of thermal pastes on the market, with different performance & cost considerations. Some of the most common include silicone-based & ceramic-based options. Other considerations when choosing a thermal paste are its lubricity, conductivity, & stability. Liquid metal compounds are electrically conductive which can lead to damage if they get accidentally squirted in the wrong area. The best option for newcomers looking to apply their own paste is a ceramic or carbon-based option which isn’t electrically conductive.

The Cooler Master CyroFuze Violet is a high-end thermal paste option that was released just this year. It’s a dark-colored thermal paste that’s a bit more pricey than other offerings, but the CM website mentions it has’superior’ thermal conductivity. They also claim it won’t dry out & is non-corrosive & oxidation resistant. It comes with an applicator tool & cleaning wipes for a clean installation. The 3.5-gram amount is sufficient for around 10 to 15 normal CPU installations.