When Does Morbius Come Out on DVD?

Are you wondering when Morbius will be released on DVD? If so, you have come to the right place. This article will explore the release date, re-releases, and Rotten Tomatoes score. It will also cover the potential release of the film in digital format.

Release date

If you’ve been waiting for Morbius to hit home media, you’ll be happy to know it finally arrived. The film is set to be released on DVD, Blu-ray, and 4K Ultra HD in June. You can pre-order it now.

The movie is about a successful biochemist who inadvertently infects himself with vampirism. He must find a cure and battle against a desire for human blood.

Morbius stars Jared Leto and Adria Arjona, and it’s directed by Daniel Espinosa. It’s part of the Marvel Comics universe.

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is bringing Morbius to home media. The film was originally released to theaters on April 1. Unfortunately, it received a disappointing response from critics and audiences. As a result, the studio had to delay the release several times. In the end, it was finally pushed back to June.

The movie is available for pre-order on Blu-ray, and is set to be released on June 14th. Among the Blu-ray features are a number of bonus materials, including bloopers and outtakes. Moreover, the disc includes a Digital code.

This action adventure is based on the Marvel comics of Roy Thomas. It features the character of Michael Morbius, who is a vampire and was once a nemesis of Spider-Man. After he infects himself, he struggles to accept his new life and his strange powers.

According to many critics, the film’s visual effects were excellent. But it wasn’t enough to overcome the film’s disappointing box office performance. Despite this, many reviewers point out the performance of the film’s actors. They praise their performances and highlight the quality of the visual effects.

On the other hand, Morbius is a bit overlong. However, the film is rated PG-13, and it may include material that is inappropriate for younger children.

If you’re interested in viewing Morbius on DVD or Blu-ray, you’ll be glad to know that you can pre-order the movie online. You can also check out the film’s Amazon listing, and purchase it at your local Redbox or Target. Alternatively, you can rent it on Netflix.

You’ll be able to buy a DVD copy of the film for as low as $31.50, and a Blu-ray version for $45. Alternatively, you can order a digital copy for only $19.99.

Rotten Tomatoes score

Morbius is a film that tells the story of Dr. Michael Morbius, a biological researcher who accidentally gets infected with a form of vampirism. He desperately seeks a cure for the disease. In the process, he sacrifices other characters.

While the story of Morbius is compelling, the movie is marred by numerous flaws, including a shoddy third act. The film also lacks a true ending. It ends with a fight that feels more like a CGI fight than anything else.

For a Marvel movie, “Morbius” is a dud. Sony has tried to create its own comic book universe for several years, and the results have been mixed. Many fans are disappointed by the result, and a number of critics are not as forgiving. Despite the critical reception, the movie did well at the box office.

However, the movie isn’t likely to perform as well in the digital realm. According to Rotten Tomatoes, the film received a score of 19 percent. That’s not even close to the average percentage of positive reviews for a film.

What’s more, the Rotten Tomatoes score of Morbius is one of the lowest for any comic book-related blockbuster of its size. Those aren’t exactly the best statistics in the world, especially when considering the movie’s massive marketing budget.

As a result, Morbius has had trouble with its release schedule. First, it was delayed in order to work around the COVID-19 pandemic. Once the movie was finally released, ticket sales dropped in the second weekend. Ultimately, the movie made a respectable $84 million worldwide.

But it’s not just the critical reception that’s hurting Morbius. Audience ratings are also a concern. Some have blamed Jared Leto, who plays the role of Morbius, for the movie’s failure. Others have criticized the production, pointing to a sluggish pace, the lack of stakes and the writing.

As a final note, Morbius isn’t the first movie in the genre to have a low Rotten Tomatoes score. Other notable movies to receive this accolade are Venom and Marvel’s Eternals. Unfortunately, neither of them has achieved the same level of success.


Fans of Jared Leto’s Morbius have been calling for a sequel, and the studio has listened. Sony Pictures has announced that the movie will be re-released in select theaters over the weekend. But will it make money?

As it turns out, it’s unlikely that the film will make back the $75 million it cost. Despite the critical acclaim, the movie was a major box office dud. In fact, it had the second-largest drop of all time at the box office.

But that didn’t stop fans from creating fan groups, begging for a sequel, and posting memes online. While these may not necessarily translate to box office returns, they did provide a glimpse into how people thought about the movie.

Aside from the viral “It’s Morbin Time” meme, Morbius was also the subject of a number of other memes. Some of these were related to the movie itself, while others showed how the film was influenced by other movies and television shows. Others suggested that the movie might have been more popular had it not been based on a fictional character.

After a disappointing first weekend, Morbius continued to struggle in its second. It earned just $390,000 on the weekend. This figure is significantly lower than its opening weekend, which means it will need to earn much more to reach its goal.

However, this weekend could be the beginning of the end for Morbius. The movie has only grossed $73.6 million in the U.S., which is a fraction of what it earned worldwide. So, fans might want to start wishing it luck.

Although the re-release is a bit of a surprise, there’s no question that Morbius fans are excited to see the film again. And, while the movie won’t break the $75 million mark, it’s likely to beat its predecessor’s domestic total. Plus, the studio is hoping that the fans’ desire for a sequel will inspire them to visit their local cinema.

Ultimately, it’s impossible to know whether Morbius will make a profit. Regardless, it’s sure to raise eyebrows. Fortunately, fans aren’t boycotting the film.

Digital release

Morbius is a film based on the Marvel comic book character. Jared Leto stars as the genius scientist who accidentally infects himself with vampirism. The film is a horror-tinged superhero flick with some spooky images and brief, strong language.

Despite its mixed reviews, Morbius opened on April 1 and became the highest-grossing comic book movie of all time. It also set all kinds of inaccurate box office records. After a disappointing debut, the film dropped by 83 percent in its second week.

Sony Pictures has decided to release the movie on home media. This includes Blu-ray, DVD and streaming services like Netflix and Disney Plus. If you’ve been waiting for Morbius to come to digital, you may be disappointed. But it’s not too late to get in on the fun.

The movie’s Blu-ray and DVD releases are available for pre-order. You can buy both versions at Amazon and Target. The Blu-ray includes extra features such as a “Defining the Antihero” featurette. There’s also a Steelbook edition for $35 at Best Buy.

Ahead of its Blu-ray and DVD release, Sony Pictures leaked the end credits for the movie. It’s been speculated that this could lead to a sequel.

Morbius has a Rotten Tomatoes score of 17%, but fans are calling the movie a flop. Several reviewers have pointed out how much the film relies on its visual effects. Several fans have taken aim at Sony for encroaching on MCU territory.

Hopefully, Sony will eventually move forward with its plans for its Spider-Man franchise. This isn’t the first time Sony has had trouble with its blockbuster movies. Previously, the company pushed back its Spider-Man: No Way Home film four times due to a coronavirus pandemic.

Fortunately, the Morbius release date is expected to be updated as soon as possible. However, in the meantime, fans can watch the film on VOD services.

As for the Morbius digital release, it should be available around a month before the Blu-ray and DVD. Watching the film on VOD will also give you the chance to catch outtakes and Easter eggs.

Fans of Marvel’s cinematic universe can also look forward to films such as Doctor Strange, Thor and Venom this summer.